Status Check Websites and Connectivity test sites

My blogs are more just a note to self. This is my note on list of sites to check status of the content providers and connectivity tests. I don’t advocate for Speedtests to check the quality of an internet link. sometimes they are useful for Troubleshooting so have a list at the bottom. maybe a post for another day. If you got some links for other sites let me know blog [at]

Apple –


AWS Status –

CloudFlare services Status –

Google services Status –

Twitch Status –

Microsoft Office Connectivity Test –

Azure services

Meta status :

Fastly CDN –

Apple :

Netflix speedtest –

NPerf Speedtest –

CloudFlare’s Speed test. Also nice to see if you are peered with Cloudflare closest to you –

Apple CDN speedtest

macOS have a built-in “networkQuality” command line tool (man networkQuality or ). (iOS and iPadOS have a similar tool if a “WiFi Performance Diagnostics” profile has been installed).

See also

Dave Taht says “I maintain a fleet of 15 “flent” servers across the globe, leveraging
irtt, iperf, netperf, and a few other tools. I do not have the
resources to publish them widely (’s tools are by design,
intended more for folk to quickly spin up a server and client for
internal tests, because most of the results are very embarrassing for
the ISPs and vendors). They are widely available for linux and osx, as
part of their package repositories, with packages for openwrt as well.

My favorite tests in that suite are the rrul, rrul_be, “squarewave”
and tcp_nup tests, which are still the only few that sample tcp_info
enough to get cwnd and rtt statistics directly from the streams.

waveform’s speedtest leverages cloudflare’s cdn.

The new apps test for the presence of “FQ” more than
bufferbloat, but also come in command line versions.”

See where youtube content is being served from

Google IP addresses –