My blogs are more just a note to self. This is my note on list of sites to check status of the content providers and connectivity tests. I don’t advocate for Speedtests to check the quality of an internet link. sometimes they are useful for Troubleshooting so have a list at the bottom. maybe a post for another day. If you got some links for other sites let me know blog [at] Apple –

3rd February 2021

Useful Mikrotik Commands

Check what prefixes you are advertising to a peer /routing bgp advertisements print peer= Firewall Connection count /ip firewall connection print count-only Show Mac addresses. This can only be done for a bridge /interface bridge host print Mikrotik FW rule so OSPF doesnt break Add firewall rule so NAT doesnt break OSPF /ip firewall raw add chain=prerouting protocol=ospf action=notrack See forum discussion here
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Note to Self: Create a VM in proxmox GUI with HDD and RAM requirement log onto proxmox shellcd to /rootdownload latest image from mikrotik sitewget unzip if you dont know where your VMs are stored trypvesm list when you have location of VM disk you create in the GUI run the following command dd if=chr-6.48.img of=/dev/pve/vm-1XX-disk-0 done
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2nd September 2019

Linxconf launches NetConf

Network Stack is honoured to be invited to speak at the Netconf which is a new session at Linuxconf focusing on Networking. more details can be found at